More Than The Crown philosophies are encapsulated in this manual for winning in life as well as preparing you for your pageants.

More Than the Crown is packed with all kinds great information and is presented in a different way than most training you have encountered before.  These concepts are designed to inspire you to think from different angles, and to enable you to coach yourself when you're on your own.

More Than the Crown teaches you how to take a close look at the decisions that you make daily, and encourages you to refine these choices so they become specific to all of your presentations.

More Than the Crown breaks down specific processes and preparations as Adam does when he is working directly with you, and is written in such a way that its sophisticated concepts can be understood by all ages.

More Than the Crown has been constructed for your convenience, spiral bound so you can lay it flat and easily view a specific page saving you space while you're working.

More Than the Crown is now available for $29.95 including shipping and handling.
More Than the Crown $29.95
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